BreadWhy the name basic bread? The concept comes from the Arab Spring riots where many Arab’s protested over basic rights and held up high a loaf of bread as a symbol of their basic needs. These riots had their roots in Egypt back in 1977 during the “Bread Riots” which was in protest to the exclusion of International Monetary Fund’s subsidies of farm’s that produced bread ingredients. To an Arab, bread is an essential part of life. To be able to bake bread and provide substance for your family is a basic right and one that should be supported by the government. When this very basic right has been compromised, the citizens take to the streets with their bread as a symbol for protest.

It dawned on me that this is much like our spiritual souls. Our basic need is the bread of life that Jesus provides. When that basic right is compromised we feel it in BreadRiotour whole being. This sight is reflection of my own spiritual journey to discover the basic needs of the soul that reside within the Word of God.





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